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Building Performance Testing

We help our clients meet and exceed their residential energy code compliance testing. Our team of friendly certified technicians is ready to test and advise on your new construction projects. 

Blower Door Testing

A blower door test consists of a visual inspection and blower door testing. For the visual inspection, your technician will complete a comprehensive walk-through of the home or apartment unit. The technician will check for common areas of air leakage like window gaps, attic drop-down drafts, crawlspace entry hatches, and broken door seals. Your home is depressurized and a calibrated manometer measures and calculates the air leakage in the home.

Duct Testing

The purpose of duct leakage testing is to evaluate how much air loss is occurring in a home’s duct system. The more air that leaks out of the duct system, the more energy loss that is occurring in the home. A pressure test is performed on the duct system to determine the sources of air leakage and to provide solutions if the duct system is not meeting the standards of today’s building codes.

Ventilation Air Flow Testing

Whole home ventilation systems are required to be installed in all new construction projects, but they also must be tested to meet the ASHRAE 62.2 fresh air flow rate requirements. The third-party performance tester must be a HERS-certified energy rater with all of the required anemometer testing equipment. The third-party certified HERS rater is required to provide the testing results to the code official in AHJ's (Authority Having Jurisdiction) that have adopted the new energy code. 

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