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How Our Service Works


Kick-off call

Via phone, e-mail, or on-site, we gather information about your business to identify an energy consumption schedule and energy source. 


Utility Bill Access and Review

Bills are submitted via upload, email, fax or on-site scan. A Customer Authorization Form is required for us to review power bills. For Natural Gas, a past bill is needed.

We analyze your power and natural gas rates to identify potential savings.


Energy Audit

Our audit provides you with a clear understanding of energy consumption in your buildings and facilities. Quantitative findings can provide substantial practical guidelines for:


  • Recommendations for energy efficiency improvements

  • Identifying cost saving opportunities

  • Prioritizing efficiency upgrades


Equipment Installation

We install a turnkey smart metering system in your building and facilities. Once installed and configured, this system will provide instantaneous utility demand data.


Identify Energy Waste 

Through daily utility usage reports and pre-programmed alerts provided by Su Casa, your business will be able to identify energy waste, implement solutions, and reduce operational costs.


Ongoing Monitoring

Su Casa will continually monitor your metering system going forward to ensure you are not wasting money on energy, to avoid overcharges due to utility provider errors or irregularities, and to guarantee your facilities are operating at peak energy efficiency.

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