Home Energy Consult

Is your home uncomfortable? Too hot in the summer? Too cold in the winter? High energy bills? Let us help!


We listen to your concerns. Whether it is a cold bedroom, drafts in the kitchen, high utility bills, etc... Homes are living and breathing ecosystems. The building's volume, siding, orientation to the sun, shading, air barrier, insulation, windows, heating and cooling equipment, water heating, number of occupants, plants, pets, ventilation system, and more, must all be balanced and work in unison to create a comfortable, energy-efficient home. 

Our skilled team will use the most advanced tools in the industry to review the entire home as a complete system and isolate the root causes of your concerns. We then model the home using advanced software, including certified US Department Energy tools, to determine the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve your home's comfort, reduce your energy bills, and lower your carbon footprint. 


Home Energy Consult

Our basic residential services assess homes for energy efficiency, including the following: insulation, air barrier, heat loss, and mechanical equipment. The information in this service provides an introductory insight into the issues and recommendations for your home. We complete energy use analysis through US DOE modeling and advise homeowners of the most efficient and cost-effective energy improvements.
​Cost: $250



Energy Consult w/ Blower Door Test 

A building envelope test consists of a visual inspection and blower door testing. For the visual inspection, your technician will complete a comprehensive walk-through of the home or apartment unit. The technician will check common areas for air leakage, such as window gaps, attic drop-down drafts, crawlspace entry hatches, and broken door seals. Your home is depressurized and a calibrated manometer measures and calculates the air leakage in the home.
Cost: $425



Energy Consult w/ Blower Door & Duct Testing

Duct Leakage testing has become a requirement in many jurisdictions and counties throughout the United States. The purpose of duct leakage testing is to evaluate how much air loss is occurring in a home’s duct system. The more air that leaks out of the duct system, the more energy loss that is occurring in the home. A pressure test is performed on the duct system to determine the sources of air leakage, and we provide solutions if the duct system is not meeting the standards of today’s building codes.
​Cost: $600