William Castrillón
Principal Owner

 I'm a Spanish-speaking Georgia native, an environmentalist, and a believer in the self-made American dream. The majority of my life has been spent hiking, cycling, and adventuring throughout the US and Colombian countrysides. I'm a proud Georgia Bulldawg, having attended the prestigious College of Engineering at The University of Georgia, where I earned my Environmental Engineering degree. I'm a seasoned building consultant with extensive experience in the green building construction industry. Through my consulting experiences, I discovered that many business owners, property managers, and building owners do not have the know-how or adequate resources to properly manage their energy.


In pursuit of my lifelong passion for protecting the environment, I harnessed my entrepreneurial spirit and founded Su Casa Consulting. The mission of the company is to implement data-driven energy management solutions that help organizations increase their bottom line while also protecting the environment.


As energy rates continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly more important to manage your energy usage. I'll be there to help.